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Welcome to the Lukki libraries!

The Lukki libraries is the network of municipal libraries in Karkkila, Lohja and Vihti. With the Lukki library card, you can use all the services in the public libraries in the area.

You can find your nearest library and its opening hours from The Finnish Library Directory.

You can apply for a library card at any of the Lukki libraries. Remember to have some form of identification (with a photograph) on hand. The first library card is free of charge. If you lose your card, you can get a new one for a fee.

You can read our customer regulations in English.

Information about libraries in Finland

This article is based on a general introduction to Finnish libraries. We have added only a few links and some other information specific to the Lukki libraries. If you prefer to read the original article in one of the languages below, you can do that first and then check the additions in this English version.

You can also check if has general information about libraries in your own language.




What is a library?

Every municipality in Finland has a public library. The library is a meeting place and cultural centre. The library is meant for children, young people, women and men.

In the library you can read, spend some time, meet friends and attend events. The library personnel will help you, answer your questions and present the library. The library is a free-of-charge service meant for all residents.

In the library, you can:

  • borrow books, magazines, music and videos
  • use the library’s computers and other electronic equipment
  • attend book clubs, events and courses
  • ask the personnel for expert help
  • use the library’s facilities, such as reading rooms

Almost all library services and events are free of charge.

In order to borrow materials, you need a valid library card. The other services can be used without a library card.

Good to know:

In the Lukki libraries, you can also play games, and both digital and board games can also be borrowed. Some libraries also lend various technical devices, sports equipment or musical instruments. In some of the Lukki libraries, you need a library card to use the computers, too.

You can get active and involved in the library

The library hosts events for children, young people and adults.

During fairy tale hours, children listen to fairy tales and play.

Literature evenings, writer meetings, concerts and lectures are arranged in the library. Events organised by the library are free of charge.

Many libraries have exhibition facilities that can be booked. Information about events and exhibitions is available from the libraries.

You can also arrange an event in the library yourself.

You can read your e-mail, search for information online and use the printer with the library’s computers. Printing is subject to a fee in some municipalities.

Good to know:

Printing is subject to a fee in all Lukki libraries.

All computers are equipped with word processing programs and other utilities. Some libraries also have scanners.

You can use the library’s facilities. All libraries have tables and chairs that you can use freely for work or leisure. Many libraries also offer the possibility of booking a room, for example, for a meeting.

What are e-books?

E-books are normal books that you can read, for example, with a computer or smartphone. E-books are also called electronic books. E-books can be non-fiction or fiction, such as novels, storybooks or poetry books. You can borrow e-books from the library in the same way as printed books.

Good to know:

The e-books you can borrow from Lukki-libraries are available in our Biblio e-book library

In order to borrow, you need the number of your library card and a PIN code (personal identification number). E-books are easy to read directly in the Internet browser. In that case, no separate programmes need to be downloaded for you to be able to read a book. The device must have an Internet connection in order for you to read a book. You do not need to return an e-book. It is returned automatically once the loan period has ended.

Good to know:

Lukki-libraries offer also other electronic/online materials, such as the Naxos Music Library where you can listen to music online (mostly classical). You can log in by entering your library card number as passcode.

Customer regulations

All libraries have their own customer regulations. The regulations specify the library user’s rights and obligations, for example, how many items can be borrowed at the same time and when the borrowed materials need to be returned. If the rules are not followed, the client can lose his/her borrowing right.

The library also brings services close to you

The mobile library is a bus packed with books and other materials of the library. If you live far away from the library, there may be a mobile library stop near your home. The mobile library has a schedule for visiting the stops.

Good to know:

Lohja and Vihti have mobile libraries.

Order books in different languages from the library

You can also seek books in your own language from the library. Books can be ordered from the Multilingual Library. You can get them from the local library. You can enquire about audio books from the library if you are unable to read. Your local library personnel can also advise you on how to use the Sign Language Library.

We welcome you to visit the library!