User regulations

Lukki library user regulations

Welcome to our library!

Libraries in Karkkila, Lohja, and Vihti (Lukki libraries) have a shared database and customer register, web library and library card.

The library customer agrees to adhere to these rules and any changes made to them when using the library, upon receiving the library card or agreeing to act as guarantor.

Each municipality has a right to draw their own rules of use for a library according to the Law on public libraries (1492/2016).

These user regulations are in effect as of 1.1.2021.

Using the library is free

There are no charges or fees for customers for using the library collections, computers, and networks or for borrowing and renewing loans or for getting guidance and advice from the staff.

Facilities and opening hours

The collections, services and facilities of the Lukki libraries are available to everyone.

The opening hours of libraries and the routes and timetables of library buses are listed on the libraries’ websites and are available in the local library.

Libraries have an open WLAN. Libraries are not responsible for the usage in the network or the possible problems or damages caused by library’s equipment to the customer.

Libraries have rooms that can be booked. Fees for this may apply.

Open Libraries (self service)

Some libraries function as Open Libraries (self service libraries) outside the normal opening hours. To use an Open Library you need a library card and a pin code and in some cases you may need to sign an agreement. Open Libraries have their own individual user guidances.

Library card and pin code

You can obtain a library card and the right to borrow upon presenting a valid photo-ID card that carries your personal identity number and your personal details, including your address in Finland.

A person younger than 15 years of age can get a library card with the written consent of an adult guardian. A person without legal capacity or an institution (a school, a day-care centre, or an institution) can also get a library card. It is required that the person or the institution applying for the card present their contact information and signed authorisation from their guarantor (or guardian or other lawful representative). The guarantor must also present a valid photo-ID and their contact details.

Personal details and contact details are stored in the libraries’ customer register. Public libraries are entitled to register personal details and contact details and these form a patron register. Libraries have a right to use personal identity numbers in the patron register (Personal Data Act 1050/2018, § 29).

A library card is for personal use only. The card holder or the guardian/guarantor is responsible for any material borrowed with the card as well as other use of the card such as the use of open libraries, computers and electronic library materials.

The loss of card or changes in your name or contact information must be notified to one of the Lukki libraries without delay. The card holder is responsible for material borrowed with the card and its other use until the library has been notified of the loss of the card.

With a pin code attached to your card you can also use the Lukki web library, computers, automatic lending machines, self-service libraries and electronic material. To get a pin code you must present a valid ID. A pin code cannot be given on the phone or by email.

Borrowing and reservations

Libraries offer material in print or physical form and in electronic form. The library is not responsible for the content of, accuracy of, or damages caused by the material borrowed by the customer. The libraries are also not responsible for any possible damage caused by the borrowed material on the customer’s electronic devices or equipment.

Loan periods for different materials vary and there may be restrictions on how many items it is possible to loan. Library buses and libraries’ home service may have their own loan periods.

The lending of audiovisual material is subject to the age limits imposed by classifiers approved by the National Audiovisual Institute’s Department for Media Education and Audiovisual Media.

A loan can be renewed 5 times unless it has been reserved by someone else. Loans cannot be renewed if your right to borrow has been revoked. Short loans cannot be renewed at all. You can renew loans in the Lukki web library or you can ask the library staff to renew them.

Material can be reserved at the library or via the web library. Reserving is free of charge. The collection place for the reserved material can be any of the Lukki libraries and can be chosen when making a reservation.

Notifications of reserved material which is available for collection can be received by e-mail, text message or by post. Reservations must be collected within 7 days from the date when the notification was sent. You can also check your account in the web library to see if the reservation is ready for collection. The library will charge a fee for reserved material which has not been collected.

If an item is not available in any of the Lukki libraries, you can order it as an interlibrary loan within Finland or from abroad. Interlibrary loans are subject to a fee.

Returns and due dates

The customer is responsible for returning loaned material by the due date within the opening hours of the library. Alternatively, loans should be renewed via the Web Library by midnight on the due date. Loans can be returned to any of the Lukki libraries. Exceptions to this are interlibrary loans, short loans and any library specific materials which must be returned to the same library they were borrowed from. The returns are at the customer’s responsibility. A receipt of returned loans can be given when you return loans in the library.

Some libraries have book drops where you can return loans when the library is closed. Returning items in a book drop is at your own risk. Items will not be registered as being returned until the following opening day when library staff is present. Book drops may be closed during public holidays.

Due dates for loans will be listed in the receipt which a customer receives when borrowing. They are also listed under loans in the web library. You can receive a notification by email 3 days before of an impending due date if you wish. The library is not responsible if the customer does not for some reason receive sent notifications. The customer is still responsible for returning or renewing loans on time despite receiving a notification of an impending due date.

Late fees will begin to accrue on the date following the due date. Fees are listed in the Fees and charges section.

Library user's responsibilities

The section 13 of the Law on public libraries (Laki yleisistä kirjastoista 2016/1492) states that the user of a public library must not behave in an improper manner. In case of disrupting the library services and endangering the safety in a library the Public order act (612/2003) will be applied. Public Library user must treat the library’s materials and other property with care. Lost or damaged material must be compensated for either by an equal item or by paying a fee that corresponds to its value. As a rule, these compensation fees will not be returned to the customer, even if the lost items are found later. Because of copyright reasons video material cannot be compensated for by replacing them with a new item (Tort Liability Act 412/1974).

Revoking of the right to borrow

Unpaid fees and charges will remain as debt for the customer. If the sum of unpaid fees named in the Law on public libraries exceeds 10 euros the customer’s right to borrow will be revoked and this will apply in each of the Lukki libraries. The right to borrow will be returned once fees have been paid in full (Law on public libraries 1492/2016, § 12 and § 15).

Loss of usage rights

The municipality may issue the customer a temporary (maximum 30 days) fixed-term prohibition from using library services of a particular library as an administrative decision if the customer regardless of being told to cease the improper conduct, continues to behave disruptively, endangers the safety in the library or continues to damage the library’s property. Before issuing a loss of rights for library use the customer is given a chance for a hearing. A decision by a central government authority will be given on the issued prohibition and the customer has a right to ask for an amendment to it as per the Local Government Act.

Data protection

The customer register is used solely for the monitoring of loans. Customer details from the register are not given to third parties. Customers have, in accordance with the Personal Data Act 523/1999 §13, the right to check their information in the register. The customer register description is available for view upon request at each library and online in the Lukki web library.